Fort Wayne optical store

Fort Wayne Optical Store

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Optical Goods in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne Optical Store
Fort Wayne Optical Store

At Fort Wayne Vision our Fort Wayne optical store carries a wide selection of eyewear and frames, as well as eye goods. We offer the best in comprehensive eye exams as well, and have a full stock of budget and designer lenses as well as contact lenses. Our eye exams are designed not only to check eyes for diseases, but also to detect whether or not the patient suffers from any vision conditions that would require the need for corrective lenses.

Our optical prescriptions are designed to fix problems like nearsightedness and farsightedness. Normal visual acuity is 20/20 vision. Anything outside of this may require a prescription to correct your vision. 20/20 vision means the person can see clearly things at 20 feet that are supposed to be seen normally at 20 feet. This is known as normal vision and the standard as to which vision is measured. Although many people think 20/20 vision is perfect vision, it actually just indicates a sharpness of vision at a certain number of feet that eyes are measured against. Our Fort Wayne optical store has a variety of lenses that can accommodate any vision changes.

Those who can see clearly up close, but cannot see clearly far away, have a condition called myopia, also known as nearsightedness. The opposite of this is called hyperopia, or farsightedness. Our lenses are all made on site at our Fort Wayne optical store, using the prescription which specifies the parameters that the lenses need to be cut to. Glasses can correct nearsighted vision, farsighted vision, astigmatism and other vision ailments. Many people opt for contact lenses, which require a separate prescription where the eye’s diameter is measured. Contact lens prescriptions should be updated annually, as opposed to eyeglass prescriptions, which can sometimes last for a few years, as long as the eyes don’t change.

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