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Fort Wayne Best Optometrist

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Eye care services in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne best optometrist
Fort Wayne best optometrist

We offer an array of eye care services here at Fort Wayne Vision, each designed to optimize your vision, keep you comfortable, and help you to avoid the effects of various eye diseases and conditions. From yearly eye exams to contact lens exams and fittings and screenings for common eye conditions, you can count on our Fort Wayne best optometrist to promote the wellness of your eyes.

A comprehensive eye exam includes both vision testing and screenings for eye diseases that include glaucoma, cataract, and (if applicable to you) macular degeneration. In addition, our Fort Wayne best optometrist will check you for signs of diabetic retinopathy, the most common cause of blindness in those over 65. If you have type one or type two diabetes, you are prone to this eye condition. It is vital that you be tested yearly to detect any indications that you have it. As with the other listed diseases, no early warning symptoms are presented and you will usually not be aware that you have one of them until you have already suffered some degree of vision loss or damage to your eyes. A vision test, which allows our Fort Wayne best optometrist to determine your current vision correction needs, if any, is also important to have annually. If you have never worn eyeglasses or contacts before, you might be able to experience sharper and clearer vision with them now. And even if you already wear corrective lenses, you could benefit from an update to your current prescription. And if you choose contact lenses over eyeglasses, you will also get a contact lens exam and fitting, which will minimize your risks for eye irritation or infection as well as ensuring that you get the greatest comfort and vision correction from your contacts.

For all your eye health and vision needs, you can depend on our optical store to be there for you. Our Fort Wayne best optometrist¬†staff is available to schedule an appointment for you. Why not do it now while you’re thinking of it?

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