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Eye Exam in Fort Wayne

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Optometrist in Fort Wayne

Eye Exam in Fort Wayne
Eye Exam in Fort Wayne

Yearly eye examinations are paramount for health maintenance, keeping prescriptions up to date, and checking for early signs of eye disease. Vision screenings, like the ones performed by a nurse or other health care provider, are no substitute for a full eye exam. Vision screenings can let you know if you need to seek out further eye care, but it doesn’t determine the health of your eyes. When you get an eye exam in Fort Wayne at Fort Wayne vision, our optometrists carefully test all aspects of your vision.

There are a handful of simple, pain-free tests you can expect when you get your eye exam in Fort Wayne. Visual acuity tests help determine the sharpness of your vision, and at different distances. You will also get a cover test, covering each eye and testing your vision. This is extremely helpful in determining how your eyes work together, and separately. Cover tests can inform our optometrists at Fort Wayne Vision of eye conditions like lazy eye, or cross eye. Slit lamp exams are what we use to examine the structure of the eye under intense magnification. Using these, we are able to not only see the cornea, iris, and lens, but also the back of the eye such as the retina and optic nerve.

Another important part of our eye exam in Fort Wayne is the refraction test. This helps our optometrists at Fort Wayne Vision determine your exact eyeglass prescription. With state-of-the-art technology, we are able to find tune the lens power so precisely to actuate your perfect prescription.

A tonometry exam is conducted to test for glaucoma – a condition that is vital for adults to catch in early stages. This exam is painless and non-evasive, measuring the pressure of your eye using a gentle puff of air.

When it comes to your eyes, don’t take any chances. Vision, and the structure of your eyes, change as we age. When something is going awry, adults often don’t even realize it until it’s too late. Schedule your yearly eye exam in Fort Wayne at Fort Wayne Vision, and cover all your bases. You’ll be glad you did!

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