Eye exam in Fort Wayne IN

Eye Exam in Fort Wayne IN

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Diabetic eye examinations in Fort Wayne IN

Eye exam in Fort Wayne IN
Eye exam in Fort Wayne IN

Diabetes can cause a variety of complications to your health, and that includes your eyes. Both type one and type two of the disease are equally dangerous. And at Fort Wayne Vision, our goal is to prevent you from experiencing any eye damage or loss of vision due to this disease. Ou diabetic eye exam in Fort Wayne IN once per year are the best way to do that.

There are no obvious symptoms to alert you to the presence of diabetic retinopathy, the eye condition that is caused by diabetes. By the time noticeable signs appear, you will have already suffered consequences that may not be reversible, or that need to be corrected surgically. However, when you get our eye exam in Fort Wayne IN, even subtle indications of diabetic retinopathy will be detected and assessed in a timely manner. Early diagnosis and treatment is key, because it can result in harm to your retinal blood vessels, glaucoma, loss of vision, and even death. We don’t intend to alarm you, but if the disease is ignored and not addressed, it is a possibility. If you notice floaters (spots that appear within your field of vision), blurred vision, difficulties perceiving colors, any any vision loss, however minimal, you should get our eye exam in Fort Wayne IN promptly. Those are all signs of advanced diabetic retinopathy. Assuming that no damage has occurred to your retinal blood vessels, the treatment strategy is typically to get your blood sugar under control, working in conjunction with your primary doctor to reinforce guidelines of diet, exercise, and medication. Our eye doctor will do everything possible to keep your eyes healthy even in the face of diabetic retinopathy.

Schedule our eye exam in Fort Wayne IN right now, while it’s on your mind. It’s the best way to avoid the worst repercussions that diabetes can have on your ocular well-being.

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