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Eye Care in Fort Wayne IN

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Eye Screenings in Fort Wayne IN

Eye Care in Fort Wayne IN
Eye Care in Fort Wayne IN

Are you new to the area or simply seeking to build a new relationship with an optometrist who gives the best Eye care in Fort Wayne IN whom you can trust to administer your eye screening? Give us a call at Fort Wayne Vision; with our compassionate and highly-trained staff on your side, you can breathe a little easier knowing that your family’s optical health is in good hands.

At Fort Wayne Vision, our patients’ optical and general wellbeing is our top priority. Conveniently located with excellent availability, we’ve been helping communities achieve and maintain optimum optical health for many years with the best Eye care in Fort Wayne IN. We offer a state-of-the-art facility where only the most cutting-edge and pain-free optical techniques are used, so that our patients of all ages can benefit from high-quality care in a light-hearted, pain-free, welcoming and comfortable environment. Our wide variety of services includes comprehensive eye health and vision examinations (slit lamp examinations, dilated eye exams, refraction for glasses and contact lenses, and glaucoma pressure testing), pediatric eye care, specialized contact lens exams and fittings, macular degeneration testing, glaucoma evaluation and screening, and access to our enormous selection of frames, contact lenses, and luxury eyewear at our optical department. Eye screenings Vision screenings are not comprehensive eye exams. Screenings usually take only a few minutes and are often performed by volunteers who are not eye care professionals. In many cases, vision screenings are nothing more than a visual acuity test where you’re asked to identify the smallest letters you can on a vision chart across the room.

So why wait any longer? Call us to schedule your eye screening, which has the potential to identify a variety of medical conditions you may not realize you have. Contact us at Fort Wayne Vision to get the very best Eye care in Fort Wayne IN.

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